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Hello world! I now have a website!

Hello world! I now have a website!


Just started up this site. This is my first attempt at setting up a website and blogging regularly, so am quite excited.

I'm using WordPress, so hopefully it will be fairly easy but already finding that there's a bit of a learning curve. Nonetheless, it will be good to learn.

So why did I set up this blog/website? I'm going to be travelling loads for work as well as hopefully a few holidays as well. Good thing I love travelling so am looking forward to it. I really wanted to capture my experiences to look back on as well as to share them with my family and friends who are spread all over the world.

The more observant will probably have tweaked that the second part implies that I like food. Well, having grown up in Malaysia, that's pretty much a given as well as me having annoyed many a Facebook friend by the numerous food picture posts. Beyond tickling my taste buds, I truly believe that food is one of the fundamental ways that different cultures identify themselves.

So here goes... Wish me luck!

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