3 best spots for watching Sunrise, Sunset in Bagan 2019

Secret places I discovered in person, including stupas you can still climb, and a 360-degree view that will take your breath away.

Golden Hour Portrait with Hot Air Balloons after sunrise in Bagan.

Your visit to Bagan would not be complete without seeing the most magnificent sunrises and sunsets, which 100% are some of the best in the world.

And I guarantee, if you find a secluded location with awesome view, it will give you the feels. Something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Problem is, practically all information you’ll find online are out of date, telling you about the major temples like Shwesandaw Pagoda that you 100% cannot climb anymore (since 2017!).

The information isn’t fully clear, but from what I saw, climbing (including going upstairs) is banned and strictly enforced on all major temples/stupas (i.e. pretty much anything that has an actual name and found on Google Maps).

Climbing at the Shwesandaw Pagoda in Bagan is banned (since 2017).

So imagine my joy when I was super lucky and got personally shown a few awesome spots to view sunrise and sunset in Bagan, including not 1 but 2 secret ones. They’re all good for different reasons, but every single one of them took my breath away.

Check out my blog post here to read all about the 3 amazing sunrises and 2 sunsets I experienced in my trip to Bagan at the end of December 2018.

You know what? I’ll even bet that they’re the best sunrise and sunset locations in Bagan.

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In case you need more convincing (or a reminder), here are photos I took in each location (end December 2018). If you’ve only got time for one, then you can take your pick based on the photos below.

Spot 1: Big Stupas You Can Still Climb

There’s really nowhere else you can have a feeling like on top of one of these.

Dawn: Large stupas you can climb in Bagan in 2019 to watch sunrise.

And here’s the sunrise view.

Amazing sunrise in Bagan, viewed from a stupa we climbed

When we were up here for sunrise, a Bagan official came round to check we had paid our admission fees for the Bagan Archaeological Area, but didn’t tell anyone off for climbing, so I believe they have (un)officially deemed this one ok for climbing.

An aerial view (drone photography) of big Bagan stupas you can climb.

Spot 2: Easy Access with Stairs

If climbing isn’t your thing, no worries. Here’s a nearby spot with a terrace. There are internal staircases leading up, which they have lit with small tealight candles, so it’s very atmospheric when you get there.

Accessible Bagan Sunrise Viewing Spot

This one is obviously a little less secret, so just go a little earlier for prime position (i.e. sitting on the edge of the terrace wall). But still amazing to catch the sunrise over the hills.

Bagan sunrise from a terrace with stairs.

Spot 3: Super Secret Spot + Perfect Photos

Now we’re getting to the most awesome one.

For the views and how few people know about it, this 360-degree terrace is the best place you can watch sunrise and sunset in Bagan.

I basically had to buy a guy’s painting for a decent amount in return for him showing me this place. Once you go there and see it you’ll understand why it’s not somewhere you’ll stumble across without spending serious exploration time.

I was there twice, and each time there were only 3 other visitors there, all of us brought by locals.

Gorgeous at sunset (with a view of Dhammayangyi Temple).

Golden Hour: Dhammayangyi Temple after Sunset in Bagan

Nothing short of perfection at sunrise.

Secret viewing to see Bagan’s best sunrise spot, with a silhouette of Sulamani temple.

This alone is reason enough why Bagan’s sunrises beats Angkor Wat. But then there are also the balloons, which you’re much nearer to than Sunrise Spot 1.

Portait with red jacket and hot air ballooons over Bagan after sunrise.

So… Are you ready to experience these amazing sunrise and sunsets?

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